For teachers and youth workers

Awareness tools presentation document

This document provides background information on the Youths’ Romantic Relationships (YRR) Survey and its Knowledge Transfer Campaign and presents the various awareness tools developed for youths in the 2nd cycle of high school.

Awareness tools presentation document

Activities involving youth participation

Two awareness activities have been developed that aim to debunk frequently conveyed myths during adolescence and to promote positive aspects of romantic relationships.

Activity 1, « Seven Words and a Picture to Promote Healthy Romantic Relationships » allows youths to reflect on what should be promoted in romantic relationships and to share this reflection with others.

Guide for implementing activity #1 – Seven Words and a Picture to Promote Healthy Romantic Relationships

Activity 2, « Survey in your school: Test your knowledge!  » allows youths to acquire knowledge on romantic relationships, sexual activities between youths and dating violence.

Guide for implementing activity #2 – Survey in your school: Test your knowledge!

Fact Sheets

These fact-sheets present research findings that are adapted to youth. They can also be replicated in a larger format in order to use them as posters. The fact-sheets are grouped under four main themes:

Fact Sheet #1 – Romantic relationships

Fact Sheet #2 – Sexual activities between youth

Fact Sheet #3 – Dating violence

Fact Sheet #4 – Vulnerability, support and resilience

Fact Sheet #5 – Conflict resolution among adolescents and emerging adults in relationships

Fact Sheet #6 – Victimization experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth



These posters present key findings of the survey by means of « True or False » questions.

Poster #1 – Romantic relationships

Poster #2 – Sexual activities between youth

Poster #3 – Dating violence

Poster #4 – Vulnerability, support and resilience


→ In addition, we invite you to consult our scientific fact-sheets named Flash PAJ (available in French only).