For youth

Fact Sheets

Curious to know what youths your age are experiencing in terms of their romantic relationships and sexuality? The following fact-sheets are designed for youth and present the key findings of the YRR survey. They are grouped under four main themes:

Fact Sheet #1 – Romantic relationships

Fact Sheet #2 – Sexual activities between youth

Fact Sheet #3 – Dating violence

Fact Sheet #4 – Vulnerability, support and resilience

Fact Sheet #5 – Conflict resolution among adolescents and emerging adults in relationships

Fact Sheet #6 – Victimization experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth



Test your knowledge by answering the « True or False » questions of the following posters. You can print them and discuss with your friends or display them in your school or community center with the permission of a teacher or staff member.

Poster #1 – Romantic relationships

Poster #2 – Sexual activities between youth

Poster #3 – Dating violence

Poster #4 – Vulnerability, support and resilience


If you are experiencing a difficult situation, talk to someone that you trust (a parent, a friend, a teacher, a psychologist, a social worker, etc.).

There are also several free resources available that are confidential and anonymous where you can ask your questions, get information or receive support. For a list of resources click here.